Thursday, 29 June 2017

Email Etiquette

Toady we did Cybersmart with Mr Ashurst. He showed us a video about how to write an email. After he showed us the video he sent us away and we did a DLO.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Animation - Seasons and winter solstice

Today Sanujan and I had accomplished our goal of getting all three of our inquiry task completed. We had completed two other tasks and they are "Winter solstice celebrated on other countries and Legend of Matariki and the Six Sister". I think that this is our best work yet because of the amazing animations. Here is a tip: Wait for the animation to stop on each slide then go on the other slide. Me and Sanujan had learnt lots from our tasks. 

Yule (Winter Solstice) Celebration

This week for inquiry we were learning about Matariki and winter Solstice. Our task was to find other countries which celebrated winter solstice. I had worked with Sanujan. This was our second task and our first task was about Matariki and the six sisters. For our current task we found out that Germany and The Northern Europeans celebrate Yule. Did you know that Yule is actually Christmas but it is in a different words.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Matariki and the six sisters

Today Sanujan and I had completed our task for Matariki. Did you know that the seven stars are acutely  the seven sisters. But not all seven are sisters. Only six of them are sisters. Two of these sisters like to grow and harvest food and plants. One like to stay with her grandmother and listen to her special stories. In this DLO we had included a reference. This task is part of our inquiry and we had lots of fun making this DLO. 

Friday, 23 June 2017

Panmure Bridge black out day

Toady was that black out day. We did this to wish the All Blacks or the Lions.Toady was a very special day because all of the students at Panmure Bridge wore black and some other students wore red to support the lions. After that we all gathered up and had a special assembly in the assembly we watched two small videos of the game that the All Blacks and the Lions are going to have. After that we sang a song called Tutira Mai Nga Iwi  AJ lead and amazing performance for our Kapa Haka group and LS2 held up an all blacks player's name and the number. After the performance Mr Oglivie told us to sand in the number that the teacher have given us my number was 6 al; the students got a different nub,er going up to 9 because when you spell All Blacks there are 9 numbers.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Dance: Keeping in time and Positions

Today we did dance. This week Mrs Anderson took a video of all of the groups and she showed us our videos for us to see what we need to change. We mostly need to work on our timing and our positions because we couldn't see the students behind us. For our timing we have to do the moves at the same time not like one 1 pair putting their hands down and they others putting it to the side. I had worked with Freeman, Joshua and a new person and he is Tai. We had to work with Tai because people from his groups are away and Sylis from our group is also away so we decided to work with him. I think he did an amazing job and I am so impressed with him because today was his first time with us and he we tried so hard to make his familiar with the moves.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

People who have / not littered in our school

This pie chart show the amount of people that have and have not littered in our school. The chart says that 54 people has littered and 26 people have not littered at Panmure Bridge. This needs a big change and that is that the yes has to decrease and the no’s have to increase and we need to be a tidy school.