Monday, 26 November 2018

Athletics Day

When we got back from Tech, we immediately went to have our morning tea and After morning tea we were split into our color groups, we went into our first activity. In my group there was Tai, San Kyaw, Savelina, Magenta and Neveah. In our first activity we were throw a Frisbee into a basket ball hoop. The after that activity was, rob the nest the next was long jump. Long jump was pretty easy for me, but I managed to jump the furthest in my group, and Jack jumped the furthest, making our team come first for this activity. After long jump, we did a challenge where we have to hop our way to a basket using a sack and take a sponge and dodge though obstacles and dip the sponge in a bucket and take the sponge back and squeeze the sponge into our bucket. The team with the most water in their bucket wins that activity. After this we did an activity where we have to throw a ball, using the shot put technique. After shot put, we played ring toss and the first cone was 1 point and second 2 and the last was 5 points . But in for this we used hula hoops. Our second to last activity was surf live savers, and our last activity was egg and spoon.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Hau Rakau

For Te reo Maori, today I created a poster that shows a Maori names of fruits. While doing this activity I learnt some of the fruit names in Maori. Some of them sounds the same in Maori. The task was to just use the Maori name so we can understand by looking at the photos. I completed my work with Junior.

Read Theory Analysis

I have created this DLO to show my progression in read theory. I have been working hard and try to get to the highest levels.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Armistice Commemoration

Today Panmure Bridge held a commemoration for Armistice Day since it is on Sunday. Armistice day which is every year on November the 11th to mark and remember the sign between the Allies of World War 1 and when the gun fell silent. We celebrate this to remember those who fought for their country during World War 1. We were lucky to have a member from the NZ Defense Force. During this commemoration sang the pray at the start of the commemoration, Tiava and Jeremiah (head boy and head girl) read the oath, and Ms Kirkpatrick (deputy principal) read the poem about the Flanders Field. During the commemoration we were silent for a minute to remember the soldiers who died during World War 1.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Armistice collage

For reading we were learning about the Battle of the Somme that occurred on July 1st 1916. We first read a text explaining what happened during the war and a few facts about it. We read the text and answered the questions. We answered the questions about the war and got to write our own opinion about what we thought about the war. We have learnt that war shrines were like memorials made to remember the fallen soldiers.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

What we remember

Today for Inquiry we have created a DLO showing facts that we remembered in WW1. I worked with Joshua, San kyaw. We have made this DLO to show you the facts about WW1 and what happened in the war.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Collaborative comprehension: Battle Of The Somme

This week was collaborative comprehension which means everybody collaborated on the same work instead of in groups. We did this since people was getting tested. For one of the collaborative comprehension activities we were going to read the Battle of the Somme even the answer 10 questions that were based on the story. Me and Jericho worked collaboratively to finish this.