Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Next Foundation - Summer Learning Journey

Today we had a special assembly. In this very special assembly there were people from the Next Foundation and also Rachel and hazel for the Summer Learning Journey. Rachel from the Summer Learning Journey program told us how wonderful and successful the Summer Learning Journey was and how it helped the students with their reading and writing. Then Bill Kermode from the NEXT Foundation talked to us about how the NEXT Foundation and how it became a big company in New Zealand and how they pay it forward to people. The movie about the SLJ was then published for the whole school to watch. Daniel was the main person in this clip, he is in my class. It was fun having the film crew come into our classroom. After the assembly we went out onto the field and had a delicious lunch, thanks to the NEXT Foundation!.

Canadian Christmas Traditions

To celebrate Christmas we got into groups of four and worked collaboratively to find out about Christmas in different countries all around the world. My group worked on Canada and we found a lot of interesting things about Canada and what they do differently from New Zealand. In Canadian another name for Santa is Joulupikki or Father frost. To show our learning we recorded our google drawing using screencastify. I worked on this DLO with Shannon, Freeman and Magenta.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey

On Friday we got a visit from Hazel that helps program the Summer Learning Journey. She told us if you participate in the Summer Learning Journey and come First, Second or third, we get a prize at the start of the new year. This was a great opportunity for us because it can help us with our learning while we are not at school. The prizes we will receive is fidget spinners, slime, Lego and other cool toys. I am looking forward to doing the tasks on the summer holiday. 

Google logo game

Today we played a game scratch game that google has made. To play this game we had program the rabbit and move it with the arrows on the bottom of the screen. This task was easy for me because of digital tech.

Tech Reflection

Every week, on a Friday morning the year sevens and eights go to Tamaki College for tech. So far this year, we have had three rotations. For the year 7, our rotations were, Woodwork, Cooking and Art. In art, we learnt how to carve out designs and transfer it onto a piece of paper. In woodwork we learnt how to use a chisel, Saw and a Mallet (Hammer). In Food tech we learnt how to use a stove we also learnt how to bake food and cook food.

Tech: Social Studies

Dear Mrs Anderson we have been researching different locations for you next holiday. We think you should go to.

  1. Tower in bologna/ Italy because This is a peaceful place and it is relaxing there is also amazing things there like the Two towers you can also walk up it. It is 97 meters high.
  2. Brooklyn bridge in New York City if you walk across the bridge it will take you 1 hour it is 1,825m long you also get a skyline view of the buildings.
  3. Sydney tower is in Australia and it doesn't cost that much to go their.

Clean Up Crew

Today for maths we have been doing Geometry. Our task was to draw a dog using coordination and had to link the lines together. For this task we used a called the ladder rule. 
If you see a grid like the one above that's when you should use the ladder rule.
This task was a bit tricky however it got easier when we kept moving forward there is a ladder rule goes like this. First you have to go across then you have to climb up.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Tech: Last Day

Today was the last day for Tech. My art work is almost finished I need to do a lot of work on my art work since the 2-3 lessons I have been away.

What was the process of making the art work.
First at the beginning of art lesson we had to draw a few of our cultural patterns and pictures. 
The patterns and pictures were to be divided into 5 squares or space.
After that step we had to transfer our pictures and patterns on to wooden block. 
Then we had to carve out the pieces that are not important or the patterns that you done need. Then we had to add a paint to it. My first paint was yellow. Everyone start on yellow.
Then I carved out small pieces of yellow that was sticking pieces that I didn't need. 
I kept do this step over and over again. However I had to have different colours after carving everytime.