Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Mask Making

Today I have been learning about to use a google drawing to make and write question of what you have to do With the Mask.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

How to Reference a book in APA format

Authors name :Louise
Authors last name:Richard
Title:plant products.
Year publish 2002
Placer publish:new New York
publisher: Jordan Hill

Richard,Louise. (2002) Plant Products.Jordan Hill:London

Locating Faces

Today for maths I learnt about how many faces are on a shape. I estimated that the top shape would have 6 triangle faces and 1 hexagon face, also I estimated that the bottom shape would have 4 faces. I was right both times. I also learnt that it is not about the faces you can see because there can be some faces that you can't see. 

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Part Adder make your own hard sums

                                                                  Part Adder,2 digit numbers & tens/ones
I stared 48 and 49 and then i took away 8 from the 48 wich is 40  and then I took away 9 from the 49 wich is 80 then I adder 9+8=17 and then I adder 17 and 80 wich=97.

                                                                     Part Adder,2 digit numbers & tens/ones
 Part Adder,2 digit numbers & tens/one
I started with 48 and 49 then I took away 20 from both numbers wich=40 then I added 28 and 29 to the 40 wich = 97