Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The Balloon Popped

The balloon popped!
We stood up and excitedly walked over to bows that were lying on the cobblestones silently waiting for us. We all picked the bows up at the same time. It was like we were in a race to see who would fire first.  
With the arrows notched onto the bowstring we placed our fingers around the knot. One finger above the knot and two fingers below. Like everyone else we lifted our bows and pulled the string towards our faces. You could hear the ting on the string as the arrow launched itself towards the target.

“Pop!” We couldn't believe our eyes. Both balloons popped at the same time we felt so proud when everybody clapped and cheered.    

Both of us had smiles on our faces as we picked up our arrows. Lucky only we know not all our arrows hit the target.

Today me and Dallas wrote a recount about our favourite 5 minutes of camp. Read my recount to see why archery was our favourite.     


  1. A fabulous recount of your time at archery Joshua! I really enjoyed helping you and Dallas plan your writing. If you remember to use your writing plans next time you will find it easier to organise your ideas :)

  2. Thank you for the positive comment I really appreciate you helping me and Dallas with the recount.

  3. Joshua, you sound as though you had an awesome time at camp. Your account of the archery activity is impressive. You have used interesting vocabulary and really engaged me as the reader. Well done. Mrs McLean.