Friday, 23 June 2017

Panmure Bridge black out day

Toady was that black out day. We did this to wish the All Blacks or the Lions.Toady was a very special day because all of the students at Panmure Bridge wore black and some other students wore red to support the lions. After that we all gathered up and had a special assembly in the assembly we watched two small videos of the game that the All Blacks and the Lions are going to have. After that we sang a song called Tutira Mai Nga Iwi  AJ lead and amazing performance for our Kapa Haka group and LS2 held up an all blacks player's name and the number. After the performance Mr Oglivie told us to sand in the number that the teacher have given us my number was 6 al; the students got a different nub,er going up to 9 because when you spell All Blacks there are 9 numbers.

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