Thursday, 2 November 2017

Explanation - How Children Learn at School

How Children Learn at School

“Did you know that everybody on earth learns? They learn at different times, different places they even learn different things”. A child’s learning process begins when they start following role models or people around them.

A child starts their learning by observing the things people do around them children are great observers they spark curiosity and experiment with new things. To help them learn about more the things they want to learn.

Children explore the world and the role plays people around them do. For example, a child sees a police officer and as soon as he get home or to school he dresses up like a police officer and pretend to be like them.

A child have the ability to learn numerous things and they take risk to research about something they want to learn about.

A natural process of a child’s learning journey begins when they start following or doing the things people or role models  around them do.

This week we were revising to write an explanation text. First I had to find a partner to work with. My partner was Sanujan. After that we had had to to write an explanation on a piece of paper about How Children Learn at School. Then we had to find another pair and give each other Feedback and feedforward.
These are the feedback and feedforward we received

1. ( Feedback ) - HI Sanujan and Joshua. Well done on writing a really good explanation.
2. ( Feedforward ) - Maybe next time you could write simple sentences.
1. (Feedback) - You have excellent ideas and, explained them we

2. (Feedforward) - Make sure to check for errors.

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