Friday, 23 February 2018

Design Brief

Design Brief


What can the design be used for? (To charge your phone)
What can you do with the design? (Watch videos)
What will the design look like? (It needs to be able to hold the phone on an angle)
What am I going to design? (Phone holder)
What will the design be made from? (3D plastic)
What is the process on making the design? (3D printer)


Where am I going to put the design? (In my room)
Where can the design be used? (On my bed)
Where are we going to make the design? (In the graphic classroom)


Why do we need this design? (To hold my phone)
Why are we making the design? (So it could hold the phone)


Who will use the design? (Myself)
Who can I give this design to? (Myself)
Who will like this design so much that they want one? (My brother)
Who will design the product? (Myself)
Who will make the design? (Myself)


When will we take the design home? (In 10 weeks)
When will we finish the design? (In 8 weeks)
When will the design be used? (Everyday)
When will the design break? (When my cousin brakes it)


How durable are the materials? (When the brittle starts to snap)
How long will the design last? (Until the design hits the concrete)
How will we make the design? (Using the 3D printer)

Today was our 2nd week at tech. In graphics we started our design brief on what we will use to make the design. After we finished the What, Where, Why, Who, When, How. We did a comparison on the type of phone stands.

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