Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Let me tell you something about the Winter Olympics

Let me tell you about the Winter Olympics.

In the winter Olympics there are many winter sports to be played. You can also win lots of mascots and trophies. This year the 2018 winter Olympics was held in North Korea. There are all sorts of medals you can win gold, silver and bronze. There were 92 nations/countries at the 2018 pyeongchang Olympics this year, and all the athletes tried their best to represent their country. Too compete in this winter Olympics you need to have lots of skill for the snowboarding and skiing events. There were two Nz'ers who both won bronze medals,4 they represented New Zealand very well, by showing their caring about their heritage.

This morning we worked in pairs, to do a collaborative 5 minute writing challenge we sat back to back with our partner and wrote a explanation about the winter Olympics we took turns at writing all we did was write a sentence then you buddy carries it on. It was very important we did this because it can help us with our writing structure. My Partner was Junior. We sure did enjoy this fun activity.

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