Thursday, 15 October 2015

Choosing the Right Book

Choosing the Right Book

L.I. Matching questions to book titles
Looking for keywords in a question

Here is a list of some books you might find in the nonfiction section of a library:

Which of the books would you use to find out:

1. How many people live in NZ?
  • Yearbook of Population

2. Which special stamps were issued in New Zealand in 1992?
  • Everyman’s Dictionary of Dates

  • 3. How to look after a puppy  Caring for pets

4. Where the custom of Easter Eggs came from Dictionary of Customs and Fables

5. The date of the Wahine disaster Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue

6. Which records were broken at the last Olympic Games?
  • Guinness Book of Records
7. The size of Noah’s Ark The Bible

8. The speed of the first aircraft to fly under power A History of
9. The story of how the first under four-minute mile was run Encyclopedia of Athletics

10.  How the Greeks used a wooden horse to enter the city of Troy Myths and Legends

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