Tuesday, 8 November 2016

winning fake lotto

There was a man named Taani we would keep trying to win the lotto but every time he tried it was a loser. He really really wanted to win it so bad but a couple of weeks later he eventually won it he was so so surprised he thought we will never win it. He ran to the lotto

person and said “i won lotto” he said can i get all out and the lotto person said here you go but the one problem the winning lotto ticket was only $1. “WHAT!! Is this” the lotto person said that is your money “taani shout ahhhhhhhh”. “No that not my money” cash register

person said yes it is the lotto person said let me scratch it for you it says I won 1,000,000 the lotto man said you can win 1,000,000. So taani said let me scratch it not a winner sir. Then the lotto man explained it to him sir you were looking at the top and it says you can win it. “Sorry

about that sir”.  “I will be going now” “ok bye”. Taani walked away crying.

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  1. Hi Joshua
    Great work on your own narrative we did I liked how you remember to put a problem in your story.