Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The haunted House

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One day me and Abdurrahima went out and saw a strange looking house. Then I decided to go check the mansion out but Abdurrahima said “no I refuse”. I didn’t care what he said. “I'm going in” .

Then Abdurrahima Decided that he was brave enough to come with me. We Stood in front of the door and we both became nervous. I went in Nervously and Abdurrahima followed reluctantly.

They both walked in and the door closed slowly behind us. I was not scared but Abdurrahima was banging on the door.They couldn't get out,they were scared.

They heard voices in their head they quickly scrambled to find a place to get out but nothing.Furniture started to levitate,The fire place turnt on,doors started to open and close everything was possessed!!!

Smoke came in the room and took form of the smoke and became a demon he chased us around the house Abdurrahima ran into a carpet that had a whole in it he jumped in and it led us outside Jericho went after him.

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