Friday, 1 December 2017

Tech: Last Day

Today was the last day for Tech. My art work is almost finished I need to do a lot of work on my art work since the 2-3 lessons I have been away.

What was the process of making the art work.
First at the beginning of art lesson we had to draw a few of our cultural patterns and pictures. 
The patterns and pictures were to be divided into 5 squares or space.
After that step we had to transfer our pictures and patterns on to wooden block. 
Then we had to carve out the pieces that are not important or the patterns that you done need. Then we had to add a paint to it. My first paint was yellow. Everyone start on yellow.
Then I carved out small pieces of yellow that was sticking pieces that I didn't need. 
I kept do this step over and over again. However I had to have different colours after carving everytime. 

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