Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Reading - Harry's War

For reading this week, we read a story called Harry's War. We read this story with my reading group. The we were to create quite a few DLO's. Our first DLO is about  vocabulary. This DLO  showed all the new words in the story. The Challlenging part was that we were to find the synonym and antonym. Following that we created a DLO called Evaluation. This DLO shows what we learnt from the text, questions we have after reading, and what the text was about. The third DLO was about the Bulford Kiwi. In that DLO we were to find,different facts, and information about the Bulford Kiwi. For these tasks, I worked with Jack, Sanujan, Jericho, Mataio, Savelina, and Zane.

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  1. Hey Joshua,
    What a Superb job on creating DLO's about Harry's War. I really enjoyed reading your work. I like how you posted all three DLO's instead of creating 3 separate blog posts. Maybe next time since you guys are really smart you could add more vocab into your DLO. Did you know that the bulford kiwi was one of the most famous carvings in NZ and also the UK.